Petit plante artificielle en pot pour décoration de maison


Petit plante artificielle en pot pour décoration de maison 19,90 

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Décorez votre espace avec élégance

Enhance the ambiance of your living space with this charming artificial plant. Crafted with high-quality, sturdy plastic, this faux flora requires no watering or upkeep, making it a practical addition to any room. Its lifelike appearance ensures it blends seamlessly into various environments, be it a cozy living room, a professional office setting, or a tranquil bedroom retreat.

Un accent de sophistication

The modern design of the accompanying white pot provides a sleek, sophisticated touch that beautifully contrasts the vibrant green of the leaves. It’s an eye-catching decor piece that can stand alone or be paired with your chosen decor for enhanced personalization. Feel free to swap it with one of your favorite pots to create even more visual interest.

Elegant artificial plant in a white pot

Ultimately, this decorative plant serves as an effortless way to inject a touch of nature into your home or office without the commitment required by real greenery.

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